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The Whole Microbial Cells

Sweat generated from the human body can be a potential fuel to support bacterial viability, providing the long-term operation of the microbial fuel cells.The biobatteries exhibit stable electricity-generating capability when tested under repeated stretching and twisting cycles, researchers said.This stretchable, twistable power device could establish a standardised platform for textile-based biobatteries and will be potentially integrated into wearable electronics in the future, said Seokheun Choi, assistant professor at Binghamton Antimicrobial non-woven fabric suppliers University.Researchers create textile-based biobattery that can produce maximum power similar to that produced by paper-based microbial fuel cells.

Researchers from Binghamton University in the US created an entirely textile-based biobattery that can produce maximum power similar to that produced by their previous paper-based microbial fuel cells.Compared to traditional batteries and other enzymatic fuel cells, microbial fuel cells can be the most suitable power source for wearable electronics because the whole microbial cells as a biocatalyst provide stable enzymatic reactions and a long lifetime, said Choi.This stretchable, twistable power device could establish a standardised platform for textile-based biobatteries and will be potentially integrated into wearable electronics in the future."We considered a flexible, stretchable, miniaturised biobattery as a truly useful energy technology because of their sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly capabilities," he said."Those electronics must perform reliably even while intimately used on substrates with complex and curvilinear shapes, like moving body parts or organs," said Choi.

"If we consider that humans possess more bacterial cells than human cells in their bodies, the direct use of bacterial cells as a power resource interdependently with the human body is conceivable for wearable electronics," said Choi. (Photo: Pixabay)New York: Scientists have developed an entirely textile-based, bacteria-powered battery that could pave the way for smart clothes and could be integrated into flexible wearable electronics. end-ofTags: fabric-based battery, smart clothes, fashion, styleRelated StoriesDonatella Versace to receive British Fashion Council Icon awardIt’s time to talk fashionVictoria's Secret fashion show struts into Shanghai."There is a clear and pressing need for flexible and stretchable electronics that can be easily integrated with a wide range of surroundings to collect real-time information," said Choi, who led the study published in the journal Advanced Energy Materials

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It is some kind of slavery. International acclaim came from Capgemini, an IT company in France, which listed ‘Impresa’ as one of the best 10 social entrepreneurial attempts in the world in the competition session Innovatorsrace50. It needs a lot of investment. Anjali has more dreams. “I need money only to live.end-ofTags: handloom, handloom fabric, anjali chandran. There was a good demand. The few collections were sold out soon. But what I tell the buyers is that when you buy the original fabrics, it would help some weaver in a remote village earn a living, helping the master weavers to remain in the craft.It was quite embarrassing for many when she started roaming around the city.The reach of ‘Impresa’ widened soon. It is not mechanical work, but a meditation. Not for any exhibitionism.

Those who were aware of my IT background thought there was something wrong with me. She has one daughter, Charu Nainika. Anjali went to countless weaving villages in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Looms started sounding and for many families, life became colourful. Anjali went to Paris with China Medical Protective Non-Woven manufacturers ‘Impresa’.But those who knew Anjali were not amazed.Weavers and handloom have always enthralled Anjali Chandran. After one year, the ‘Impresa’ team was successful in bringing back many of the weavers to work. It is not that I was able to revive the entire sector. The recognition helped her reach out to the best global players in handloom fabrics. Investment means liability, profit and repayment of loans. The online forum is enough to reach out to the right customers. Business is still a male-dominated world. “Thank God, it was that support, which helped me hang on,” she says. “In the early days, I was working in an IT firm. Recognition came. They will insist that I stay with them as they are concerned about me,” Anjali says. A young woman alone coordinating the painting, furnishing, purchase and everything, the adjacent merchants thought she was a divorcee. But many families feel that I am their lucky customer. But changes came.

Some even asked me to my face, ‘Are you not ashamed of starting such a tiny textile shop after leaving a top IT brand? Oh, it was such an era of opposition. But the original is original. A native of Naduvannur near Kozhikode, this software engineer at Wipro, Bengaluru, quit her job to explore her passions. The embarrassment touched the sky when she started selling handloom products. Handloom products and the streets of Kozhikode were her two key passions. So Anjali started a boutique in the same name at Emerald Mall in Kozhikode and also shifted the major operations to a commercial web platform impresa. So they ensure that their first design work reaches me,” she elaborates. So let ‘Impresa’ be small in size. Anjali’s husband Laju is an administrative officer in a company. “You have to let the customers bleed to ensure the remittance on time,” she said.

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S.The chamber said that as per its findings people are preferring Indian products over Chinese goods during this Diwali. China Hydrophilic non-woven fabric manufacturers Out of the total, over Rs 4,000 crore was Diwali-related items such as toys, fancy lights, gift items, plastic ware, decorative goods among others,” it said. India is a big market for Chinese products and over the years import of toys, furniture, building hardware, crackers, lighting and electric fittings, furnishing fabric, office stationary, electronic appliances, consumer electronics, kitchen equipment & appliances, gift items and watches from China has increased to a great extent in India, said Assocham.

(Representational image)New Delhi: This Diwali, Chinese items such as like lights, gift items, lamps and wall hangings among others could see a decline of upto 45 percent as people are preferring Indian products, said industry chamber Assocham. Rawat, secretary general Assocham releasing the paper. Fire crackers made at Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu are preferred in comparison to Chinese crackers,” said the chamber. People are not interested in purchasing Chinese products while showing interest in local products including earthen diyas,” said AssochamIt said there was a huge demand for made in China fancy lights in the market but it is also decreasing.Assocham said it interacted with wholesalers, retailers, traders in cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow and Mumbai to estimate the demand for Chinese products across India.

As per the paper, the demand of electronic items like LCDs, mobile phones and others items made in China has also declined by 15-20 per cent,” said D.eThe chamber said that as per its findings people are preferring Indian products over Chinese goods during this Diwali.“Also, the quality of Chinese products is also questionable with no shopkeeper giving any sort of guarantee on Chinese items once sold.“According to an estimate, the value of Chinese goods sold in 2016 during Diwali was around Rs 6,500 crore.“There has been a 40-45 percent impact on goods like decorative lights which records huge sales during Diwali, whereas a slight impact has also been seen on China-made electronic goods like mobile phones etc.THE ASIAN AGE.“According to the shopkeepers, most of the customers are demanding Indian lights.

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end-ofTags: rohit kuttapa, chief minister’s office. We want to give them a top-class experience to come out and contribute to the growth of the sport.Another good news that came for the cyclists was the Disposable Headrest Cover announcement from chief minister Devendra Fadnavis earlier this week, as he sanctioned `300 crore as his in-principle approval to the proposal of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to construct a cycle track in the city. The 104km race will be the competitive leg of the sportive, while the 54km segment will be a leisure ride.A 104km endurance race and 54km leisure ride will have the city’s biking enthusiasts testing their limits today. The top 3 finishers in the Men and Women divisions in the 104km endurance race, will qualify for an accredited championship race (Grand finale) which will be held in Delhi later this year with the winners from the other cities.

It was lovely to see the diversities that different groups have,” he adds. Even they want less pollution and we also want to encourage people to use less motor transport and switch to environment-friendly methods of commuting, which is one of our initiatives of the race,” said Kuttapa. Rohit Kuttapa, CEO of ‘ChooseMyBicycle’, has a vision of bridging this gap with his idea of the race.THE ASIAN AGE. The government itself urges the people of Mumbai to pursue non-motor transportation with the problem of pollution escalating over the years in the city. “When we asked the traffic control and local police, they were very supportive. Mumbai has a huge community of cyclists who spend their weekends covering long routes on bicycles,” said Kuttapa. While organising the race, the organisers insisted support from the local traffic police authorities and they were well supported by them.A statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) said the cycle track would be built by clearing all encroachments along water pipelines in Mumbai, which will open a 100-metre wide corridor on both sides.

“We have organised a couple of national-level races with the Cycling Federation of India and now we are moving towards the growth of amateur cyclists. In Mumbai, cycling has always been a never-ending activity.“While we were organising the race, we contacted all the major cycling groups in Mumbai to understand their requirements so that we could give them the best experience. This could very well spark the growth of cyclists in Mumbai.Rohit KuttapaSit back and get ready to cheer the cyclist commuters who will be coming out in numbers for the The Indian Terrain ‘Seven Island Sportive’ event, which will consist of a 104km endurance race, and a 54-km ride. It has connected two different classes of society.

The challenges faced by people who walk or cycle in Mumbai are indisputable and well-documented. However, cycle tracks — which are often proposed as the first solution to cyclists’ woes — fail when their design and implementation do not take into account the already existing urban fabric. The first are people who cannot afford a motor vehicle and the second are those who undertake cycling for leisure. The race will start from Hotel Bawa International, Domestic Airport at 6 am today.

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Our Canadian guide David took us through the tunnels, and the history of the Western Wall — explaining the mammoth task that the Israel government has undertaken to excavate tunnels to the Temple Mount (what the faithful consider as the Holy of Holies). Spend moments in silence, then without turning your back, walk away in prayer.end-ofTags: jerusalem, hajj, al aqsa mosque. The State of Israel came into being in 1948, and this Jewish state today holds within it empires, legacies, faiths and sanctity. A mere walk cannot unearth its history, or its allegiances. The throngs of faithful walk past, pray in silence, light candles, some leave small prayers on paper as they enter the inner sanctum sanctorium.Passing which was the Main Street in Jerusalem, the Byzantine Cardo in the Jewish quarter, arts and crafts peek through old stones and tunnels. There are indelible marks on many a wall in the Old city where the mezuzah used to be.

We see a few Jewish children flying their coloured balloons and running pell mell back home from school, smiling. In ancient times, a mezuzah used to guard homes — A metal cylindrical box with the script from the Torah blessed in a ceremony, inside. There are eight gates each named after the city it leads to (ours led to Jaffa - Jaffa Tel Aviv today).Encounters of the faithful follow your thoughtful footsteps into the old city of Jerusalem, treading the ancient slopes towards the golden-hued walled city, where history and religion are indelibly etched into the fabric of its existence. This wall by the Ottomans, who were Muslims, has flowers, Arabic letters, geometric shapes decorating it.We walked past a huge disposable ICA-POLY COATED GOWN manufacturers gold Minerva towards the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall — the limestone wall filled with signs of prayers and devout faith, a congregation of young and old praying and weeping, some with a Torah, others with prayerful notes. The Temple Mount, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Tower of David, and ruins, are all a foray to understand this land ravaged again and again, that still stands resolute, a lesson in life itself. One can also spot different church orders spires and far off is a brush stroke of green in this arid desert where a spring used to be. And that’s what we’d like to take back with us, where children run smiling, and peace prevails… Toda Raba (thank you) Jerusalem. We also saw the popular three dimensional light and sound show in the evening.THE ASIAN AGE.

Our guide Shelly Ishkoli also mentioned the Christmas tours that are very popular, the Catholic and Jewish traditional ones, when the weather is cold, not sweltering like it was in July, which turn this already haloed city into a twinkling sight of revelry and prayer, ringing in carols. The Jewish quarter has shops, small galleries, ceramics, all winding cobbled streets into the market area which is a hub of souvenirs and T-shirts touting Israel’s military prowess. Every time someone conquered Jerusalem, they broke its walls, so it was built and rebuilt. Not exactly.. Al Aqsa translates to “farthest mosque” and also refers to a chapter in the Quran — The Night Journey where Prophet Muhammad travelled from Mecca to “the farthest mosque,” and to Heaven.”We started our journey though the Jaffa gate.

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